Rire et lécher
Installation by Tatjana Stürmer
Fixed media, clay, wool, metal, textiles, acryl glass,
video, 2x2 channel, 28:00 min, loop

Film shown as part of the installation "C at the End of A Line is Whisper", ZKM Pavillon Karlsruhe, 22. – 28. July 2020.
Awarded with the Bundespreis für Kunststudierende 2021

Direction, editing: Tatjana Stürmer
Performer: Lena Reitschuster
Camera: Lukas Rehm
Sound: Manuel Sekou

28:00 min
color, 16:9 
video as part of an installation, sound depending on space
DCP, ProRes, MP4
filmed with ARRI Alexa

luxxuryproblems · prière de toucher (OST)

Photo Credits © Oliver Selim Boualam


The installation "C at the End of A Line is A Whisper" shows the critical appropriation and distorted mimicry of forms and patterns from a handwritten medieval book, the "Book of Kells". These forms are made visible in the three dimensional space of an installation by assigning different materials like clay, wool, metal or fabric. Taking the artifacts’ agency seriously the radical incorporation of the visitors bodies is necessary to complete the process of translation or „nachdichtung“. During the exhibition in which the space turns into a metaphor of a “big lying book” once more a radically situated handmade copy is crafted. An experience of the intimacy of tactility is shared in this undisclosed associative space – acknowledging the yearning of the material.

The filmed encounter of the artifacts’ habitat, "Rire et lécher", the archive understands this sphere as the appendix of the work. It is appropriated by unstable ordering systems, which work without categories. The living and the revived share this space in-between the books, between the lines of texts, the letters, they care, cuddle and lick.

(Text by Tatjana Stürmer)