I LOST MY GEMS is an ongoing meso-biographic research project, that focuses on the city of Dresden, in Saxony, Germany. As my city of birth, childhood and youth it's a personal confrontation with memory and fiction of turbulent logics.
Having moved to the southwest of Germany, I'm trying to head back from distance to (re-)encounter experiences I had within the context of Dresden: Ghosts of the former GDR System, impressive baroque beauty, conservative voices and peculiar culture of remembrance, youth scene, humor and language specifics, self-image and reflected perception of that 'society' specifically in my own ever changing position of mindsets between two former - different socio-political states. Re-tracing times of early, late and post adolescence while provoking questions about symptoms of different directions of social developments.
Despite the current city's ambivalent political image, there's a certain magic thing within this town which leads beyond political terms of media coverage (needs to be decoded).


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