Boomkat Review

The latest set from SM-LL's ace UAN series is a granulated throb of euphoric pads, gearbox noise and blown-out kicks that alternates between Vladislav Delay's smudgy dub and The Bug's soundsystem-punishing bass distortions.

We've no idea who this one might have been sculpted by, but it sounds like someone who's been doing it for a while, if you know what we mean? 'dalbleythrca-cutss' boots us off with a burst of glitches and flickering kicks that roll through clouds and mucky industrial scrapes, picking up additional crunches as they go. Mid-way through, it cracks into heady, back-room euphoria, sounding directly in line with Sasu Ripatti's recent run of Vladislav Delay EPs.

But the EP switches gears dramatically on 'dvbarthr-utncu-tys', centering a smashed post-'Yeezus' beat that's far closer to The Bug or Shapednoise. Melodic content is thin on the ground here, but the little pads we're given usher us towards Autechre's 'Chiastic Slide'/'Envane' period, and that should be all the prompt you need to take a peep. Then we're treated to the 13-minute 'vblemsrxxtnrp-roty', a Pan Sonic-like grind of grotesque feedback and analogue distortion that sounds a bit like if the world ended while you were dissociating. Air raid sirens, exoskeleton zaps and concertina kicks? We're fucking sold.

featuring 3 remixes ranging from granular deep dives, rhythmic abstractions to harsh kicking beats.
second remix EP of UAN0016 originally released in 2022.

released June 9 via SM-ll on vinyl and digital format.

SM-II, 2023 London, UK.

one side
other side
dvbarthr_utncu_tys **

*remix by luxxuryproblems
**remix by Alley Catss
***remix by Bathus