Digital EP
35:00 min

After debuting on SPA in 2019 with the vinyl album 'Inhale, Aerosol, Recovery (Non Sequitur)' [SPA002] and a follow-up split EP with Garland [SPA003: GLXX], luxxuryproblems returns to SPA with FLEXFIT.

Formally, it's a kind of special release. Focusing on acapellas and vocal content, some genuine tracks evolved that exceed the realm of a mere “edit“. So it's just a logical consequence to add the instrumental versions of those three tracks to the initial vocal treatments. FLEXFIT is a release that carries both an attitude full of hope as well as retrospection, a longing to embrace a certain feeling to come (back). The process behind this EP has been an approach of continuous approximation, a close-up exploration. For that, intuitive and quick picks of acapellas and bootlegged vocal extraction marked an initial kickoff point for a peculiar nostalgic inspiration, which gave space, atmosphere and a framework for rhythmic structures. What used to be a kind of random placeholders at first became more and more a piece of identity through the process of cutting, bending, stretching, tunneling, stacking and flirting with different moods and passages. The playful arrangements can be listened to as a communication between voices and instruments, which luxxuryproblems treated on a level to transmute and amplify already existing auratic elements within the voices. The whole process of production was a curative back and forth of flexing – especially in the sense of swerving.


Written and produced by luxxuryproblems
Mastered by Beau Thomas @Ten Eight Seven
SPA Recordings 2021 
Photo: Manuel Sékou 
Item: Jonathan Benutzer 
Covertext-Cutups: Tim Abramczik
Premiere by If-Only