Test Drive
3,0 x 3,0 x 1,5 m
Wood, steel profiles, sheetrock panels, monitor displays
8-channel-video, sound
16:00 min

Concept & Design by Alper Kazokoglu
Sound by Manuel Sekou
Video by Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun & Alper Kazokoglu

The format of the test is defined as the working method in Test Drive. The function of the test is understood as an undefined, unproductive and inconclusive format that opposes ideas of efficiency and perfection. The potential of chance, repetition, interruption, failure and starting over is developed within this work form. In contrast to the classic understanding of the test, which serves to perfect an end product or a performance, the work is not dedicated to a clear goal and opens up to the idea of the unfinished. The process becomes the goal of aimless work. Likewise, conventional structures and hierarchies are overridden in Test Drive, where scenographic work is primarily performed. The open-ended character of the rehearsal does not require any text or dramaturgical concepts, allowing the space to become the starting point for the work.

The installation Test Drive consists of a four-channel video, sound, and a box construction (approx. 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.0 m) made of wood, steel profiles, plasterboard and screens. The differently arranged components of the display are superimposed in several layers, forming a support structure.

(Text by Alper Kazokoglu)