Sarah Degenhardt: 'Blue Room'
A/V 3-channel-installation
3 HD-projections on wall,
4.1 sound
10:30 min (loop)

Sound: Manuel Sékou

The audiovisual installation Blue Room consists of three video projections, projected directly on the wall and a 4.1 sound created in collaboration with Manuel Sékou.
Blue forms glide into the black, suggesting either to be flat surface and/or perspective space.
Inside the installation we find ourselves again inside a space determined by blue forms opening new spaces, or putting us in front of a closed blue surface. Is the black just filling the empty space in-between or is it driving away the blue? Is it a horizon that we see, or a solid edge apparently lying directly in front of us? 
Are we looking on a flat image or walls constructing spatiality? Or into constructed infinity?
The fold of space-structure we are lured into underlies it’s own rules that are permanently reconstructing themselves.
If everything is changing with such slow consistency and time seems to deform space, what remains as a reference?

(Text by Sarah Degenhardt)